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Compare Home Care vs. Home Health Care

Compare Home Care vs. Home Health Care

Many people are confused by the differences between “home care” and “home health care”. We have attempted to help clear this up and identify the fundamental differences between home care and home health care for seniors.

Home Care

Traditionally home care involves non-medical care for seniors. This often includes respite care, companionship, med reminders, bathing, dressing, light house cleaning, running errands, and other non-medical in-home care by caregivers.

Caregivers may have the technical training to do more, however when taking on the role as a home care role, this allows for less cost (insurance) and more savings for the client. Since many people simply do not need more than what is covered under the home care guidelines, it is a practical way to have trained professional caregivers in the home to care for people at a price that is more affordable.

Home Health Care

Home health care on the other hand involves more technical duties, such as administering drugs to patients and setting pill boxes. Although a home care professional can offer reminders, it requires a home health care professional to actually administer drugs if this is needed or to put the pills in the boxes for the client.

Often times a caregiver can have the skills and certifications to do both roles, however the main factor is the cost of insurance. Many times people use both. A home care caregiver for most all daily functions and a home health care professional for only when needed. An in-home assessment will help to assess the needs and setup a plan to meet your needs and best work within your budget.