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Dementia & Alzheimer’s | Caregiver Support For Seniors With Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Home Care Service™   has trained caregivers to help families with a loved one diagnosed with dementia. Our professionally trained caregivers are able to offer support for families in need.

People suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s need the care and support of trained caregivers to assist with the transition in life these diseases bring about. By allowing us to care for your loved one in the comfort of their home, their physical well-being can be extended.

No matter how much each of us would love to focus our efforts in caring for a loved one with dementia, there will still be times that we will not be able to do so because of our own busy schedules, or lack of knowledge and skills. Care giving for people suffering from dementia can be a challenging and tedious task with round-the-clock requirements. Our trained professionals can alleviate the burdens and offer peace-of-mind.

Some of our caregiver services may help with even the basic needs of caring for someone with dementia, including:

  • Health – A person with dementia need to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy as possible; a healthy body and mind allows them to enjoy life more.
  • Dressing – Dementia sufferers may find it difficult to dress themselves, so caregivers are trained to accommodate daily living needs.
  • Nutrition – Caregivers can help with diet restrictions, so they get the proper nutrition they need through a balanced diet.
  • Washing and bathing – Family caregiving can often times be difficult when faced with the intimate needs of bathing.

Our private duty care professionals help give families and their loved ones a greater relationship without the burdens and stresses of care.