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Shedding Those Holiday Pounds: Weight Loss Tips for Seniors

There’s so much to do over the holidays in Topeka and Lawrence, and many of those holiday events involve food. So if you’ve packed on a few extra pounds over the last couple of months, the time has come to shed that holiday weight. Unfortunately, that’s not always so easy for seniors.

If you’re over the age of 60, you probably already know in order to lose weight you need to exercise, eat right, and burn more calories than you eat. Here are some additional tips that can help.

Eat plenty of protein. Protein helps you build muscle, eat less, and burn more calories. Some low-calorie high-protein choices include lean meats, fish, eggs, Greek yogurt, tofu, low-fat dairy, nuts, oats, broccoli, and quinoa.

Join a Topeka or Lawrence Gym. You lose muscle mass as you age, and muscle increases metabolism, so your main focus should be on building muscle. Weight training machines, and also free-standing weights, can help. If you don’t know how to use them, just ask someone who works there. Yoga or Pilates classes can also help build muscle mass. As an added bonus, yoga and Pilates also help with strength and balance, which will reduce your chance for falls.

Put together a Lawrence or Topeka walking group. It’s much easier to exercise when you have someone to do it with. Watching others lose the fat could also motivate you to work harder.

Drink lots of water. Water can make you feel fuller, so you eat less. It can also help you lose excess water weight, which means you’ll lose inches.

Eat often. But make sure you’re eating healthy foods. If you eat small meals and have healthy snacks in between, your metabolism will improve, which will help you lose weight. You should aim to eat something about every three hours.

Avoid empty calories. The holidays are over, so it’s time to throw out all the sugary leftovers (including drinks). They don’t have much (if any) nutritional value, and they’re not helping  your waistline.

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