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Why Kansas Elder Care

Why Choose Kansas Elder Care

There are many reasons why a family seeks the services of our caregivers, but they primarily revolve around the realization that the family member in need requires more than the family can give. Assuming the goal is to keep the family member in their home, there are two routes that a family can go: hire a caregiver directly or hire an agency to provide the services.

There are several issues surrounding hiring a caregiver directly, not the least is the fact that the family has now become an employer, responsible for hiring, payroll and taxes. However, the most important issue is what to do if the caregiver calls in sick or otherwise does not show up? This is where hiring an experienced and caring agency becomes more attractive. At Kansas Elder Care, we hire only experienced caregivers, who are either Certified Nursing Aides or have equivalent experience. Our caregivers are fully bonded, insured and covered. Beyond that, we select people who present themselves as caring, compassionate and concerned.

We understand that inviting us into your home and asking us to take care of your loved one is a leap of faith. You can’t be expected to be there every time our caregiver is scheduled to be there. We have addressed that concern by investing in a telephone clock in/out system that alerts us if a caregiver has not clocked in on time. This system allows us the ability to provide detailed time sheets, eliminating the concern of over-billing.

Finally, by asking Kansas Elder Care to help take care of your loved one, you are placing your trust in us. We can tell you from our own personal experiences that the caregivers that we have interacted with in our lives away from work have so deeply impacted us that we are driven to protect this trust with all means in our power.


Tim Tholen
Owner, Kansas Elder Care